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The Quick Restaurante Menu is a Free WordPress Plugin very easy to use to create menus of all kinds for restaurants. Simply create a new Menu post and add Menu Items directly from the same UI of the post. Each Menu Item can take a header, picture, description and several prices.

Rearrange Menu Items with a drag and drop interface within the menu. Create also different sections inside the menu ( starters, main dishes, desserts ..). Hide Menu Items with a click instead of remove when you don’t want to display them.

Quick Restaurant Menu Plugin editor

Quick Restaurant Menu Plugin editor

It’s already responsive for smartphones and images are SEO friendly. Click on the thumbnail to view the image in full screen mode with the caption and description fields. Add your own CSS right from the plugin, without fiddling with theme files. Show currency before or after the price. Add several sizes with different price for each Menu Item.

Responsive Quick Restaurant Menu Plugin WordPress

Quick Restaurant Menu Plugin

This plugin is not only for restaurants, you can use it for eateries, cafes, pubs and others.

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Video example for creating a menu

[erm_menu id=15 thumb=yes price=top]

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