Quick Restaurant Reservations

Quick Restaurant Reservations allow you to manage reservations for your restaurant business. Your clients will be able to see available times and receive directly email notifications.
Use automatic confirmations until a number of seats are reached. Quickly confirm or reject bookings and send manual updates to users.
Restrict booking days and times and select total capacity for different schedules.

Manage Restaurants

Create as many restaurants as you need. Each booking request is attached to it’s restaurant so you can easily filter them. You could even create a booking service for hundreds of restaurants.

  • Restaurant front page
  • Custom forms
  • Filter bookings
  • Restaurant notifications

Manage Bookings

Manage all your bookings from the admin and filter them based by restaurant, date or status.

  • Statuses: Pending | Confirmed | Rejected | Cancelled
  • Bulk actions
  • Send emails directly from the list
  • Send custom messages
  • List of messages send for each booking


Create a list of schedules for each restaurant.

  • Create as you need: lunch | dinner | etc
  • Open and Close status
  • Enable / Disable schedule
  • Select all dates or range of dates
  • Time intervals
  • Limit the capacity for each schedule

Schedule options

Create a list of schedules for each restaurant.

  • All dates | range of dates
  • Time interval or specific hours
  • Booking duration
  • Total seats
  • Number of tables
  • Automatic confirmation

Custom fields

Customize your forms with several type of fields and let your customers select their preferences.

  • Text field
  • Textarea
  • Select field
  • Radio buttons
  • Checkboxes

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Monthly Calendar

View all your bookings in a montly calendar view and filter them based on the status.

Daily Calendar

View all your bookings in a daily calendar view and filter them based on the status.

QR Reservations
Manage your restaurant bookings the easy way
One restaurant
Unlimited bookings
Pending, Confirm, Reject, Cancel status
Unlimited schedules
Schedule Open / Close
Enable / Disable schedule
Weekdays for each schedule
Dates for each schedule
Time range for each schedule
Manual confirmation
Email notifications
Min / Max party
Early / Late bookings
Date format
Responsive form
Message after form submitted
Redirect after form submitted
Form fields: date, party, time, name, email, phone, message
Add-On Capacity
Unlimited restaurants + set max capacity + automatic confirmations
All features from FREE version
+ Unlimited Restaurants
+ Restaurant page with form
+ Automatic confirmations
+ Set max capacity by total seats
+ Set max capacity by tables
+ Change to manual confirmation when party > X seats
+ Change to manual confirmation when reached X seats
+ Customize email logo
+ Custom restaurant email address for notifications
+ Monthly calendar view
+ Daily calendar view
Add-On Custom Fields
Add dietary options or customer preferences to your forms
All features from FREE version
Drag & Drop interface
+ Custom 'Text' field
+ Custom 'Texarea' field for messages
+ Custom 'Phone' field
+ Custom Dropdown field
+ Custom 'Checkbox' field
+ Custom 'Radio' field
+ Group custom fields