Quick Restaurant Menu – PRO

New Features version 1.50 (15-nov-2022):

  • Fixed description editor.

New Features version 1.35 (29-may-2019):

  • You can add now Images as Icons to the Food Tags.
  • New setting to display Food Tags as Icons/Text.
  • New settings to change the default UNITS for the Nutrition Facts.
  • New setting menu to display the ‘More’ link on menu items.
  • Small bugs fixed.

New Features version 1.25 (10-jan-2018):

  • Added new params to shortcodes, you can use now:
  • erm_menu id=xx show_title=yes show_header=yes show_footer=yes
  • erm_menu_week id=xx show_title=yes show_header=yes show_footer=yes
  • show_title -> will display the title of the menu
  • show_header = will display the header of the menu
  • show_footer = will display the footer of the menu

New Features version 1.12 (8-jul-2017):

  • Hide menu items. You can add menu items to the menu and show/hide them at the front-end when you need.
  • Menu pages can change URL from ../qr_menu/.. to another slug as you need for SEO purposes.

New Features version 1.10 (4-jan-2017)

  • Duplicate complete menus: will create new menu items in the duplicate menu
  • Clone complete menus: will use the same menu items in the cloned menu

General Features version 1.0:

  • Create your menu with a full-screen drag & drop builder
  • Menu items can be created directly from the menu
  • Add different prices, nutrition facts and diet tags to each menu item
  • Display with different layouts: expanded, dropdown, horizontal tabbed, vertical tabbed
  • Lightbox with pictures
  • Popup with menu item details
  • Each menu item has it’s own page and is searchable
  • Share your menu items in facebook, google-plus, twitter, pinterest and linkedin

Customize your menu:

  • Customize your menus with lots of options
  • Select colors and font families
  • Image resolution and size
  • Image with subtle shadow
  • Font size, line heights and margins

Menu builder:

  • Group your menu items in Rows, Columns & Sections.
  • Drag and Drop functionality
  • Create menu items from inside the menu
  • Duplicate menu items to easily create new ones
  • Add existing menu items from other menus
  • Popup editor
  • Pricing with title, normal price and sale price
  • Nutrient facts
  • Diet tags


Examples of menus created by our clients:



v 1.50 (15-Nov 2022)
– Fixed description editor

v 1.35 (29-May 2019)
– Food tags icons
– Fixed bug with description editor when using tables
– New settings to modify default units for Nutrition Facts
– Optional ‘More’ link for menu items

v 1.25 (10-Jan 2018)
– New params added to shortcodes
– erm_menu id=xx show_title=yes show_header=yes show_footer=yes
– erm_menu_week id=xx show_title=yes show_header=yes show_footer=yes

v 1.12 (8-July 2017)
– URL for menus can be changed from qr_menu to another slug
– Menu items can be hidden at the front-end (you can keep them in the menu)
– Small issues fixed

v 1.10 (4-jan-2017)
– Duplicate complete menu added
– Clone complete menu added
– Issue with food tags fixed

v 1.0 (4-sep-2016)
– Drag & Drop builder with rows, columns and sections
– Different layouts for menu
– Weekly menus
– WP Customizer integration
– Customize fonts, colors, margins, alignments
– Customize image sizes, border-radius and shadows
– Add your food tags
– Prepared to fill Nutrition Facts
– Lightbox with menu images
– Popup with menu item details
– Sharing option