Quick Restaurant Menu – PRO

New Features version 1.35 (29-may-2019):

  • You can add now Images as Icons to the Food Tags.
  • New setting to display Food Tags as Icons/Text.
  • New settings to change the default UNITS for the Nutrition Facts.
  • New setting menu to display the ‘More’ link on menu items.
  • Small bugs fixed.

New Features version 1.25 (10-jan-2018):

  • Added new params to shortcodes, you can use now:
  • erm_menu id=xx show_title=yes show_header=yes show_footer=yes
  • erm_menu_week id=xx show_title=yes show_header=yes show_footer=yes
  • show_title -> will display the title of the menu
  • show_header = will display the header of the menu
  • show_footer = will display the footer of the menu

New Features version 1.12 (8-jul-2017):

  • Hide menu items. You can add menu items to the menu and show/hide them at the front-end when you need.
  • Menu pages can change URL from ../qr_menu/.. to another slug as you need for SEO purposes.

New Features version 1.10 (4-jan-2017)

  • Duplicate complete menus: will create new menu items in the duplicate menu
  • Clone complete menus: will use the same menu items in the cloned menu

General Features version 1.0:

  • Create your menu with a full-screen drag & drop builder
  • Menu items can be created directly from the menu
  • Add different prices, nutrition facts and diet tags to each menu item
  • Display with different layouts: expanded, dropdown, horizontal tabbed, vertical tabbed
  • Lightbox with pictures
  • Popup with menu item details
  • Each menu item has it’s own page and is searchable
  • Share your menu items in facebook, google-plus, twitter, pinterest and linkedin

Customize your menu:

  • Customize your menus with lots of options
  • Select colors and font families
  • Image resolution and size
  • Image with subtle shadow
  • Font size, line heights and margins

Menu builder:

  • Group your menu items in Rows, Columns & Sections.
  • Drag and Drop functionality
  • Create menu items from inside the menu
  • Duplicate menu items to easily create new ones
  • Add existing menu items from other menus
  • Popup editor
  • Pricing with title, normal price and sale price
  • Nutrient facts
  • Diet tags

Check out our EXAMPLE MENU

Check also these other examples from a customer using this plugin:

Author: David Maldonado

What’s next:
– Export menu in PDF format
– CSV import functionality
– Show/Hide specific menu items from the menu builder

If there is something you need for your menu that is not included inside the plugin, please fill this form and let me know 🙂


v 1.35 (29-May 2019)
– Food tags icons
– Fixed bug with description editor when using tables
– New settings to modify default units for Nutrition Facts
– Optional ‘More’ link for menu items

v 1.25 (10-Jan 2018)
– New params added to shortcodes
– erm_menu id=xx show_title=yes show_header=yes show_footer=yes
– erm_menu_week id=xx show_title=yes show_header=yes show_footer=yes

v 1.12 (8-July 2017)
– URL for menus can be changed from qr_menu to another slug
– Menu items can be hidden at the front-end (you can keep them in the menu)
– Small issues fixed

v 1.10 (4-jan-2017)
– Duplicate complete menu added
– Clone complete menu added
– Issue with food tags fixed

v 1.0 (4-sep-2016)
– Drag & Drop builder with rows, columns and sections
– Different layouts for menu
– Weekly menus
– WP Customizer integration
– Customize fonts, colors, margins, alignments
– Customize image sizes, border-radius and shadows
– Add your food tags
– Prepared to fill Nutrition Facts
– Lightbox with menu images
– Popup with menu item details
– Sharing option