Quick Restaurant Reservations – Capacity

Quick Restaurant Reservations allow you to manage reservations for your restaurant business.

Last version: 1.2.2 (april 2022)

Unlimited Restaurants

Individual page with custom form for each restaurant.
Custom email for each restaurant to receive notifications
Specific schedules for each restaurant with dates and time range

Manage Schedules

Unlimited schedules for each restaurant.
Schedule can be defined opened/closed restaurant.
Define dates range or specific dates.
Define time range or specific hours.
Set max seats for each schedule.
Set tables for each schedule.
Manual or Automatic confirmation.

Unlimited bookings

Unlimited bookings for each restaurant.
Filter bookings based on status and restaurant.
Several status: Pending, Confirmed, Rejected, Cancelled.
Confirm or reject with one click button.
Send email notifications.
Send custom messages.
History of notifications sent.

Monthly calendar

General view of all your bookings.
Filter by month and status.

This is the alternative text

Daily calendar

General view of all your bookings.
Filter by month and status.

Export bookings

Filter by restaurant and dates, then just press EXPORT.


v 1.2.2 (3-april-2022)

  • Minor bugs

v 1.2.0 (30-august-2021)

  • Export bookings to CSV file
  • Minor bugs

v 1.1.1 (10-august-2020)

  • Minor bugs
v 1.0.0 (29-nov-2017)
  • Unlimited Restaurants
  • Restaurant page
  • Automatic confirmation
  • Max capacity by seats
  • Max capacity by tables
  • Change to manual confirmation when party > X seats
  • Change to manual confirmation when reached X seats
  • Customize email logo
  • Custom restaurant email to receive notifications
  • Monthly calendar view
  • Daily calendar view

If there is some feature you need that is not included in this plugin, please fill this form and let me know 🙂
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