Quick Restaurant Menu

Quick Restaurant Menu plugin allows you to create quickly menus for eateries, cafes, bars and restaurants. You can include images, descriptions, sizes and images.
Responsive Quick Restaurant Menu Plugin WordPress

Display different menus for each day of the week and also for different hours in the same day. Suppose for example you want to display a menu for lunch and another one for diner, then depending on the hour the visitor access your website it will show a different menu.

The plugin uses default WordPress functionality. Creates two new post types, Menus and Menu Items, which are used to construct the menu. You can create and edit menu items inside the menu post interface, rearrange them with drag and drop, and group them into sections. Then use a shortcode to display it in posts and pages.

Drag & Drop builder

This handy feature lets you create and move your menu items in a very easy way. Each menu item is editable inside a popup window with title, image, description & prices.

Layout with columns & sections

Create up to 3 columns and group your menu items in sections inside. Manage also different rows with dropdowns for displaying several menus in the same page.

Several prices

There are no limitations when it comes to distributing your digital products. Allow customers to download their purchased files endlessly or restrict file downloads by time and/or attempt.

Food tags & Nutrient Facts

Create your own food tags and manage a complete set of nutrient facts for each meanu item. Display all features in a popup window.

Weekly menus

Display different menus based on specific day/time of the week. You can show for instance a daily menu and a weekend menu in the same page.


Use WordPress customizer to quickly change the style of your menu: colors, font-family, font-size, margins, alignment, etc.


Display a full-width picture when user clicks the thumbnail of the menu item.

Share menu items

Let your customers share your menu items in Facebook, Twitter, Googl-plus, Linkedin ans Pinterest.

PRO version only

  • Unlimited menus and items
  • Menu sections
  • Add header and footer to each menu
  • Menu items with picture, description, sizes and prices
  • Responsive menu layout for mobile viewing
  • Variable menu depending on the week day and the hour
  • Drag and drop interface
  • Insert custom CSS
  • Not only Sections, organize your menu with Rows & Columns
  • Powerful Drag & Drop builder
  • Copy / clone menu items from inside the menu
  • Add menu items on the fly from a searchable list
  • Add list with prices with title, normal price and sale price
  • Add nutrition facts and diet tags to each menu item
  • Display with different layouts: expanded, dropdown, horizontal tabbed, vertical tabbed
  • Lightbox with pictures
  • Popup with menu item details
  • Each menu item has it’s own page and is searchable
  • Share your menu items in facebook, google-plus, twitter, pinterest and linkedin
  • Customize your menus with lots of options
  • Select colors and font families
  • Image resolution and size
  • Images with subtle shadow
  • Font size, line heights and margins